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Awwducational is a place to enjoy the wonderful world of animals. Whether you are interested in the latest news and research, interesting facts to impress your friends with, or if you're simply here to look at cute animal pictures, Awwducational.com will fulfill your needs. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality information without any of the click bait articles and pseudo-science "facts" that you see on other sites.  Our team of animal lovers, researchers, and biologists, manually fact-check every post that is made to ensure its veracity.


Awwducational originally started on the popular website reddit.  There were several versions and formats released until we finally decided on the special formula of cute + animals + education = AWESOME!

Per the website redditmetrics.com, /r/Awwducational is currently the 374th largest subreddit and still growing by leaps and bounds every single day!


In addition to this website and the subreddit, Awwducational also is on facebooktwitter, flikr, and pinterest. Now you can learn about your favorite animals no matter what your favorite social media outlet happens to be 🙂


Awwducational is not associated with Reddit, Inc, Conde Nast, or any of their affiliates.