11 Halloween Animal Facts|Scary animal facts that will have you screaming for more

Halloween is right around the corner! So for all the ghosts and ghouls out there, here is a list of 11 Halloween animal facts that will have you screaming for more.

1) In a threat response called "pumpkin posture", the vampire squid inverts its caped arms back over the body, presenting an ostensibly larger form covered in fearsome-looking though harmless spines (called cirri).


 2) Vampire bats are the only mammals that feed entirely on blood.

vampire bat

Photo by: U.S. Department of Agriculture


3) As you enjoy your Halloween chocolate, spare some time to think about this tiny fly, the sole pollinator of cacao, the plant from which chocolate is derived. Thanks, Forcipomyia!



4) Ghost bats get their name from the extremely thin membrane of their wings, which makes them appear ghostly at night.

ghost bat

Photo by: S J Bennett


5) Black widows feed by puncturing their prey with fangs and then sucking out their insides.

black widow spider

Photo by: Frank Boston


6) Some animal shelters won't allow black cat adoptions around Halloween.


7) Mosquitoes are by far the most deadly animal on earth due to the diseases they transmit such as malaria, dengue and yellow fever.


8) Alligators are such perfect killers, they've remained unchanged for at least 8 million years.

cute alligator

Photo by: Marc Barrison


9) Death's head hawk-moths have patterns on their back that are eerily similar to a human skull.

death's head hawk-moth

Photo by: James St. John

10) Great white sharks can smell blood up to 3 miles away

great white shark

Photo by: Elias Levy


11) Some species of short-horned lizards can shoot blood from their eyes as a defense mechanism.

short horned lizard

Photo by: Jeff B



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