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baby elephants

Elephants walk on their tippy-toes

Researchers analyzed the foot pressure distribution in African and Asian elephants to determine why foot diseases arise in elephants in captivity when the same foot diseases are rare in the wild. Their results, published...

mangalica pig, mangalitsa

Mangalica Pig’s Rise, Fall, and Comeback

The Mangalica Pig (also spelled Mangalitsa or Mangalitza) is originally from Hungary after farmers crossbred the local popular breeds of the Hungarian pig, European wild boar, and a Serbian breed. Often called the Wooly...

sand cat adaptations

7 Amazing Sand Cat Facts

7 Amazing Sand Cat Facts Sand cat facts, Felis margarita. In the vast-arid desert terrain of the Saharan and Arabian deserts lives a genuinely-adorable feline that you might mistake for a house cat if you...